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Pain: Your Take

After reading about emotional pain Tina realized the importance of feeling it but now the question was how actually is she suppose to do it ? She has long forgotten the feeling, let alone go through it in a constructive way.

I think the best person to help Tina is you. I would request you to please take this questioner and help Tina find the best way to live and deal with her share of pain in a healthy way. Tina would love to share the responses as she truly believes that we have the power to heal each other.

P.S. No identity would be revealed, only your sharing, with first names will be published.

Do you even realize what you’re doing to a person, if you’re treating him with sympathy?

Understand the difference, it will make a difference 🙂

Work The Dream

Someone told me a long time ago that I needed to remember that I am not my diseases…yes I have diseases and I am disabled but that is not who I am. It is just what is wrong with my body. That is why I seldom mention “what” is wrong with me. For my name is Deb, not disabled and most certainly not any of the diseases I have.

It is easy to fall into the habit of using our diseases to explain who we are. They are but a label …a list of descriptions of the problems we have physically but they are not the soul of me. I used to try to explain to people why I was tired or why I walked on crutches or why I wear oxygen  or why I was disabled. I felt like I had to defend how I felt. And then I…

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Ten things I`ve learnt from being a WordPress blogger

I bumped into this article by accident but really liked it. What clicked was the honesty and the fact that more or less we are on the same boat. I am a new blogger but loving every minute of it. I found some things in this article very true. The thing, I was able to relate the most was the happiness a blogger receives with each click he gets on his/her article. It is also the contentment of recognition & feeling of worth.So, if like me, you too are a blogger…read on!

Ten things I`ve learnt from being a WordPress blogger

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