From the desk of a psychologist!

IT begins with YOU!

” We can only share, what we have”.

Whenever I try to make a person understand this concept, I always take the help of material stuff. You can only help a poor if you could afford it, which means if you have ample money to share, then only you will. Apart from a handful of saints, human beings tend to satisfy their own thirst first and then look into the outer world. If we want to be the source of something, first of all we need to have a reservoir of it.

Lets try to understand it a little better through relationships ;

So many times I have heard this, ” Even if I am unhappy, I will make my loved ones happy.”

My question is how?Your bank is empty as far as a certain emotion goes, but still you claim to lend it to others. Till now, in real life, I haven’t seen anyone making others really happy while they themselves are suffering.

Tina has a friend, whose kids are subject to her anger spats. She decided to talk to her about it. After the conversation, she realized that it is her friend who needs to first of all get her share of love and care, then only she can pass it to her kids. She has a lot of anger and frustration inside her and so she shares it.

I am sure you must have heard about energies. We carry our energy with us, it can be negative or positive. We influence others with our energy. Say, you have started your day on a very positive note but you end up spending a couple of hours with a person who is carrying negative energy. Trust me, that person has helped in bringing down a lot of your positivity. It’s similar to a conduction process. We rub our energies with each other but the strong one overpowers the group.

So, it’s a simple thing, whatever you want to have around you, start it from WITHIN you. If you want to take care of the people around you, first of all it needs to start with self-care.

Lets try to understand it by taking the feeling of happiness. I have taken this feeling because we all crave to achieve this state of mind.

Happiness within you→Happiness you share with your loved ones→And your extended social circle→which in turn is spread all around you.

If you are right now cribbing or complaining about something and is not happy with how things are going. Take some time out and start the change from within you. Come out of your ‘Self Pity’ and do something about it.The POWER is in our hands to make the world a better place to live.


Comments on: "IT begins with YOU!" (10)

  1. Avin kumar said:

    What u have said is right.If u are not able to help urself u cant help anybody else.But the thing is many times when u start thinking about urself first u slowly start to become self centric and u start caring about u only.And when u will become a selfish man u will never know.

  2. so beautiful n true..happiness is contagious..thanks for nice post.

  3. introvertedblogger said:

    I do need more reminders about this and yours came at just the right time.

  4. Priyanka said:

    Well said Nagma…Have recently been through this and I can see the difference already!

  5. […] As I have already shared, It begins with You! […]

  6. […] Your brain could let you down but your heart would never! When you’ll start living in harmony with yourself, you’ll see how it will spread around you…It is a ripple effect. […]

  7. Love this post. Everything said is true. Yes, having good energy is important and it’s best not to be influence by people with negative energy. Although this could happen without you realizing it. Like you could wake up with positive energy feeling great, happy all day, and all of a sudden someone may try to push your button by saying or doing something to upset your feelings and happiness.

  8. This is why; we develop The Seeds of Abraham Spiritual Group.
    God promise to help,protect, and to love you, but how many people live with each other dAILY and don’t know they are loved. We use the Scripture’s to re-train those interested indvidual, By going back to our creator and learning the real truth and word’s of God. am very passionate about this subject, strong like a pillar, not speaking smooth words but learning God way first.

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