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The topic for this post came to my mind after the feedback I got on my earlier posts. They were in extremes. Either people loved it or disliked it completely. I would be honest and say it did hurt but then the positives were too strong to help me deal with the criticism. This whole process made me think about, if facing a bad feedback is so painful then why this painful emotion exists.

The answer lies in the Duality of this world. Nothing in this world exists without its opposite.

If there is GOOD, there is BAD;                              

If there is a DAY, there is NIGHT;

If there is SWEET, there is SOUR;

If there is SOFT, there is HARD;

If there is a FRIEND, there is a FOE;

If there is HAPPINESS, there is PAIN.

Our experiences with this dual world actually make us strong. The appreciation for the good things also comes when we go through the hard facts of life. How could you even imagine, dwelling in the sweetness of your success if you have never tasted failure or understanding peace with total absence of wars?

I have seen so many people ( and I’ll include myself in it), without complaining going through all the positive experiences in this world and the moment life presents them with a challenge, they say ‘ LIFE IS NOT FAIR.’ Actually it very much is, it is just that when we are going through the positive time flies, while going through pain, every minute seems like eternity. This makes us think that our life is full of only tough moments.

Duality exists within us too. No one is white or black. We all are grey. We are not totally good or bad but a mixture of both. We have our phases of light and darkness. We have our own share of right and wrong choices but that is the building block of who we actually are.

“In order to eat, you have to be hungry. In order to learn, you have to be ignorant. Ignorance is a condition of learning. Pain is a condition of health. Passion is a condition of thought. Death is a condition of life.”
― Robert Anton WilsonLeviathan

Comments on: "The world of duality: Coexistence of Good & Bad" (19)

  1. Negativity and the need to express it is so often not a reflection of you and your words but their relationship with themselves. You have a thought provoking and kind blog and that says a lot about you 🙂

  2. Indeed — it is the Ying/Yang thing, in everything there is an opposite and you have to roll with the natural way of things 🙂

  3. surbhi said:

    and this grey part teaches us a lot, connect us to realitymake us more practical and real.

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  5. Avin kumar said:

    i completely agree with this post.We all are grey.everybody has got some positive and some negative inside us.The need is to intro inspect.If we look inside us we will see that we all are grey.But what actually happens is that we only look other’s black side and appreciates our white side.Good work.really Its a good thought.

  6. ayesha ali said:

    yes!! indeed allah has created both the good and bad to test humans …)
    well ,a very good post ,one in pain often fails to consider that being into it,having already stepped into the pain means there is no way other than going ahead and overcoming it,life is a cycle of good and bad ,for that moment of pain u feel like an eternity phase but reality holds change which runs in cycle good moments then bad then good n so on….we all are grey yes!! and there lies our very potential within ourselves!!keep up the good work naghma!

  7. one more nice post naghma & so very true.

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  15. said:

    Well,God created every thing in two’s if u may observe.Earth and Sky,Male to Female,Good vs Bad,
    Im not convinced that we are all grey bcause,God said i,ref to God,that,He has Created us into different colours so that we may know one another.So,according to God’s way of Creation,we are not the same in colour,race,gender,finger prints and the like

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