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I am so thankful to Aamir Khan for giving voice to an  important & relevant major cause, which exists in our country but no one is willing to listen. I am an addiction counselor, who came back to my country with huge dreams of  changing the world of addiction treatment here. But am not ashamed today to accept  that I left my struggle because it was full of hurdles.  I am so grateful that today after watching Mr. Khan’s episode of Satyamev Jayate, my candle of hope has started burning again.

I have worked in various addiction treatment setups in India and it is sad but a fact, that most of them are only there to mint money. No one has a clue of what works. Because people are needy they trust them which is then misused. I was a part of this system. It made me question my integrity and disturbed me. I wanted to help but didn’t know how. I realized how much it means to me to find the answers. I traveled to the hub of addiction study, United States of America, and completed my chemical dependency certification and worked there for some time. It helped me understand this dubious disease in a better way.

I came back with huge dreams and hit the reality pretty soon. It was a WAR against the age-old mindset. I gave up but with time I had learnt one important lesson that I am not here to change the nation but to give something back to the society. Even if one person learns something from this blog, I would think that my goal is achieved. I have this powerful tool of my blog today and this post goes for the passion of my life… Addiction. Though in the show the talk was only about alcohol but here we are going to talk about addiction, whether alcohol or any other chemical ( marijuana, cigarette, cocaine etc.). The disease remains the same.

We have a very sorry state of addiction in our country. There are so many prevalent misconceptions & myths that there is no help for it.  I would like to put some light on this topic through an Indian perspective:   

  • Addiction is a disease not a bad habit or moral issue: Why in a party some people can be decent drinkers while a few make a fool of themselves. People actually wait for them to bring entertainment in a lifeless party.

I will give an example to make you understand it in a better way. Two friends decide to go for a drink. Let’s say Mr. X & Mr. Y.

Mr. X suffers from addiction while Mr. Y has no such disease. When they have the drink, Mr. Y may enjoy it but for Mr. X it is a new never  felt  before state. Mr. X is never going to forget about it.

  • Chasing the dragon: Then the chase starts. An addict, every time when goes under influence, it is with the wish of reaching the same state it felt the first time. This never happens only the substance keeps on increasing.
  • Tolerance is not good: How many times have you heard someone boasting that I can hold my drink . The biggest indicator of chemical dependency is increased tolerance of the substance.
  • The different stages of the disease: It’s an ongoing treadmill which ranges from experimentation, use, abuse to dependency on the substance. If you have the disease and you introduce your drug of choice to your body, this is how the disease will progress.
  • Hit the rock bottom:

Tony Robbins once said there are two things that motivate people to make dramatic changes in their lives: inspiration and desperation. In the journey of addiction recovery, there needs to be a kick which can stop us from the journey of  self-destruction.

Comments on: "Addiction in India: The War Goes On!" (7)

  1. I agree with the solution.Its total abstinence.

  2. I can totally empathis Naghma! Having been a co-addict and witnessed the detox and rehab of a family member gave me glimpses into this nether world. It is a disease of the mind which manifests as a disease of the body… and still the sensitivity we have or show in India is abysmal! Must catch this episode of SJ!

    • unwrappingminds said:

      So true Abhimanyu! Do you know there are groups for family of addicts too?

  3. thanks, go ahead for the best world-wide++++. Really all of us are the sportive ADDICTION in many ways & outlook. pls share what can we do together for the same properly….
    I’m happier & thankful to you for the same. Really we’re floating in the water of addiction world-wide++++. you want to make conscious & eradicate the same from all but it’s a long journey. we should follow the rules of rebuild Physical-Mental & Spiritual Health based on “Triple Health Solution” removing all Ignorance & negligence from…..At first for the same, pls share always………

  4. Smitha said:

    All this is very well if an addict HIMSELF decides to quit. What happens if he can hold his drink, is successful in his career, never got into any sticky situation because of alcohol?. Where is the inspiration to quit as everything is fine? . The worst sufferers of this kind of dependency is the family of the addict as he is happy in his world. I should know cause I am speaking of my husband. Do I have to wish for a desperation to kick him out of this?. I am so scared how this shall affect my son who is entering adolescence and cannot imagine both of them doing it together(god forbid)!. My daughter has nothing but disgust for her dad(she is 17) who drinks beer daily and never involves himself with any of our activities. He has a good career, brings home the money and materially, there is nothing lacking as we stay in an upmarket apartment and kids go to one of the best schools. I really am at my wits end over this and am looking for answers. I forced him to watch this episode of satyameva jayate hoping for something…but…nothing:(. He is even now sitting having his drink while I type this. So all this looks great on TV but to translate it to real life is another story…sigh!.

    • unwrappingminds said:

      Dear Smitha,
      I totally understand your plight and as they say addiction is a family disease. Please take some time out and mail me at
      Lets take it forward!

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