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About Me, A Psychologist

Hello everyone,

Finally I decided I need to voice myself out and reach to the audience I want to. I was thinking from quite some time of starting a blog and share my views (which sometimes are quite strong) to all and see whether it makes sense to others also or I am actually a one man army. Today the start of my blog has its own irony, it is coming from a point of frustration, and in a sad way the funny part is this blog primarily is going to talk about ” How to deal with the negative emotions of life?”.But if I look from another perspective it actually worked positively in making me take the step I have been procrasting from quite some time.

So, now the million dollar question is ” Who am I & What am I doing Here?” I am a psychologist with a purpose. When I decided to study psychology, my family was not very happy with my decision. It was also due to the fact that the country I belong has majorly two respected professions, namely Medical & Engineering. I would say that in a way my folks were disappointed by my choice. At that age you actually doesn’t care much about the opinions of others, you’ve a fire inside you and you believe you can change the world. I was no different.

I started studying psychology with a zeal and had an amazing time learning the science of behaviour. I did my Masters in Clinical Psychology and then attained a certification from Rehabilitation Council Of India ( RCI) for practicing Psychology. Yes, I finally became a psychologist but now how come nobody was taking me seriously? I started with a special school where I was supposed to just ” take care” of the kids. The frustrations started building up, I had to do something else. I found a job in a renowned hospital as a consultant psychologist. This was the job I learnt my basics of practical counseling. I also joined an addiction center and bingo, found the field I have a passion for.

But ( here goes this word again) there were a lot of unanswered questions in my mind, this made me restless. I knew the answers I was getting were not enough. As they say, you need to find your own answers, so I packed my bags and landed in the hub of psychology. I enrolled in an addiction counseling course in WA state. What an enriching program!  It gave me a whole new perspective to deal with life and gifted me with positivism. For few years I also worked there but the need of doing something ” BIGGER”, made me return to my country.

I thought now nobody is going to ignore me, they would stop whatever they are doing and would take a note of me, commend me and will join me in my mission. BUT I was again not very right. I joined a school because I wanted to work with adolescents and also spread the awareness about substances. After working here from the past 4 years , I’ve started feeling that I am stuck with the nitty-gritty of school affairs and all my Big Dreams are gradually dying.

I AM A SURVIVOR. I am going to revive my dream of BRINGING A CHANGE. From today, I am going to use this powerful tool of Web to reach to one and all. This is a blog which is going to be about Human Growth as an individual, relationships, issues, dilemmas etc. Come, Join me and lets LEARN from each other for a better tomorrow! Lets Renew our Spirit 🙂

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  1. mhkilleen said:

    I just read todays blog about NSSI. I would like to reprint this on my blog at

    It is one of the only blogs I have seen on self injury. I really would like to re-post it according to your guidelines.

    Melissa Killeen

    • unwrappingminds said:

      I am honored. Please feel free as we need to spread the word. Awareness is the biggest tool.

  2. Hello, Your sharing of Who You Are and The Trip You Are On (capitalized to recognize the “Holiness” of both topics). It is refreshing to hear your somewhat parallel to my life as to Who and What and How and Why – even Where!

    I’m nearing the end of this earthly trip (76 yrs. old and a 100% blood clot next to my brain – helps make “hour at a time” very meaningful) – and I can say with sincerity that I find myself more and more thankful for each and every step of the journey – the “Sacrifice of Thanksgiving” the 50th Psalm and “The Master” point out.

    You are correct – we are not “Victims” unles we choose to be (that means we find some measure of feeling justified in being the “martyr”). I find “thanksgiving” for All That IS more workable – when I can do it.

    I registered for your blog to be sent to my home address. Looking forward to it.


  3. Hi..I think now you are on right path …actually you were always on right path. You have a an experimental personality .You always want something big and more and that’s good.

    Wish you all the best. Go ahead.

  4. Thank you for sharing this and for all your work. Many blessings and much peace on your path.

    Jamie Dedes

  5. Jayagopan Menon said:

    Thanks Naghma for the intro. I happened to see this by sheer chance today and am so happy that i did…better late than never. Keep making a difference to many more lives! All the Best!

  6. I have read complete words of Naghma and also of Mr. Dennis, ” I’m nearing the end of this earthly trip and and I can say with sincerity that I find myself more and more thankful for each and every step of the journey, “– A very touching to my heart!!!! We all are travellers on this planet and have to a play a role – given by God!. It also truely said that this whole world is a big stage and we have to play a very different role in this drama! Thanks Naghma for sharing and God Bless you!

  7. Hi Nagma,
    I am impressed with your writing and the article on online counseling. I am a big believer of leveraging technology to make our lives better. I would like to get in touch with you to discuss an opportunity in the online counseling space. Let me know your email id pls. – thanks

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