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The simple choice of happiness

There was this great man with a smile always on his face. Come any circumstance and this guy always dilute it with a smile. People were amazed as well intrigued by this man. They went after him for the GREAT SECRET OF HAPPINESS. This man gave them his secret.

” Every Morning, when I wake up, I have two choices in front of me: Either I can be happy or unhappy. I chose happiness.”

There goes the mantra:

Happiness is a choice which we make. The word sounds complicated and thanks to the sociologists & psychologists, it sure seems quite an unattainable thing. I would request you to do the exercise, get up in the morning and chose happiness. You’ll find your share of hurdles, deal with them as challenges coming between you and your choice. Trust me, you’ll find out what a simple way of life happiness is!

This topic came to my mind by a post started by a friend. She initiated a topic on how to uplift your mood and people from all over the world contributed in making it a list of some quick fixes.

Hats off in making the road much smoother to travel Tiffany.

I would love to hear from you’ll about the things which makes your choice of happiness easy 🙂

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