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Do you even realize what you’re doing to a person, if you’re treating him with sympathy?

Understand the difference, it will make a difference 🙂

Work The Dream

Someone told me a long time ago that I needed to remember that I am not my diseases…yes I have diseases and I am disabled but that is not who I am. It is just what is wrong with my body. That is why I seldom mention “what” is wrong with me. For my name is Deb, not disabled and most certainly not any of the diseases I have.

It is easy to fall into the habit of using our diseases to explain who we are. They are but a label …a list of descriptions of the problems we have physically but they are not the soul of me. I used to try to explain to people why I was tired or why I walked on crutches or why I wear oxygen  or why I was disabled. I felt like I had to defend how I felt. And then I…

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